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Does RLM Law Handle Fatal Car Accidents?

Cars are an essential form of transportation for almost every person in the state of California. In addition, unlike other modes of transportation, cars provide the convenience of transportation at any desired time. Obtaining a driver’s license is often considered a ticket to freedom; freedom to move freely from place to place and enjoy the perks this great state of California has to offer. Moving around has never been easier when you have a license to drive a vehicle. Unfortunately, along with the freedom comes the risk of car accidents. Heavy traffic may result in serious accidents with some even leading to fatalities.  If you have lost a loved one due to a fatal car accident that resulted from someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.  An experienced fatal car accident lawyer like Ryan L. Maughan can help you get the justice you deserve. He can bring a Wrongful Death action for the surviving family members. Ryan is committed to fighting for your rights and bringing the negligent party to justice.

Every year, millions of tourists and locals hit the California highways to travel to their favorite parks, beaches, and other state attractions. According to statistics, with so many drivers sharing the same road at the exact same time, the risk for fatal accidents increases.

Most car accidents are caused by careless drivers that drive too fast for road conditions and text while drive or otherwise drive recklessly. These negligent drivers often ignore the safety of those drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists near them. Car accident lawyers like Ryan L. Maughan of RLM Law handle cases involving fatalities and is committed to helping the victims get the justice they deserve and holding the careless drivers accountable.

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is a traumatic and life-changing event. Oftentimes, an unfortunate experience as this can leave the victim’s family in shock and may cause them to neglect seeking the justice they deserve.  The victim’s family may also be unaware about the compensation they are legally entitled to.

Are Surviving Family Members of a Car Accident Fatality Entitled to Compensation?

Victims of a fatal car accident not only suffer emotionally and physically but also financially. They may be faced with the expenses of their loved one’s medical bills including their medications, surgeries, and even hospital stay. It is an unfortunate and hard reality to face, but oftentimes, when a loved one dies, the financial stability of a household may be negatively impacted.  For example, you may lose your health insurance or the income they contributed to your household. Furthermore, you may experience the burden of an unexpected expense for their funeral. Trying to keep track of all the expenses along with dealing with the passing of a loved one can be very difficult to manage.  Having an experienced lawyer on your side to explore whether you have a case or not is important. Ryan L. Maughan, Esq. will help you understand what rights you have and how to get compensation for your loss from the person who caused it.

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal car accident due to another person’s negligence, you are entitled to receive compensation for your losses.

Are Teen Drivers More Susceptible to Fatal Car Accidents?

When children reach a certain age, they are allowed to obtain a driver’s license. This is a milestone for teenagers because it also means freedom. Unfortunately, some teenagers fail to appreciate or lack the requisite understanding of the responsibilities involved in driving a car on a public roadway. Accidents not only cause damage to the vehicles, but also often result in serious, and sometimes fatal injuries to those involved.

Each year there are more and more cars on the roadways increasing the risk for car accidents. In the United States, traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death among teenagers. Several studies have been conducted that have shown that teenagers are more likely to be involved in a car accident than those who are older than them. Some common reasons include lack of experience, inattentiveness, and in some cases even intoxication.

In California, teen drivers are more likely to have accidents because of their inexperience. Some common inexperience mistakes teen drivers make include following other drivers too closely, driving over the speed limit, and underestimating dangerous situations. Each of these mistakes increase the likelihood of a car accident.

Inattentive driving is another common cause of teen driver accidents. Teen drivers are more susceptible to being distracted by passengers when driving with a group of people in the car. Another common distraction involves the use of a cell phone while driving. Cell phones are used for almost everything these days, but they can also be very dangerous when used while driving. Furthermore, teen drivers are also more likely to forget essential safety precautions, like wearing a seatbelt, which only increases the risks.

There are thousands of car crashes in California every year, and unfortunately, young drivers are the cause of many. In the best cases, the crash results in a small fender bender and no one is injured. However, far too often, the consequences are much more serious and can be fatal. Ryan L. Maughan, Esq. of RLM Law has a lot of experience in handling accident cases involving teen drivers and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What if My Car Accident Involves Texting While Driving?

Over the years, cell phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. In addition to talking to other people, they are used for almost everything, like scheduling meetings, photography, music, podcasts, books, maps, and shopping. When out in public, it’s almost impossible to find someone who is not on their cell phone. Sadly, this is even true for people who are driving on our roadways. It is far too common to see drivers focused on their cell phones texting instead of on their driving. Of course, this is very dangerous behavior that can often lead to accidents. While everyone would concede that texting while driving is dangerous, people still do it as if they are the exception. Unfortunately, it’s often other innocent drivers or pedestrians that are the victims of this selfish behavior. If you are the victim of a texting and driving accident, you need an experienced lawyer like Ryan L. Maughan, Esq. who will fight to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Texting while driving accidents are a common occurrence, and a disturbingly high growing fraction of car crash incidents involve the use of a cell phone. Some reports indicate that texting while driving has become the leading cause of death for teenagers. Did you know that drivers who text are also more likely to cause accidents than drivers who are drunk? Some of these accidents result in minor fender benders, but others can be substantially more severe and have very serious consequences for everyone involved. Simply put, texting while driving places drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk of being injured or sadly, killed.

Why Do People Text and Drive?

Even though texting while driving is a known danger, many drivers continue to do it. Sending a quick text can seem like no big deal, but in fact, it takes your attention away from the road. This is dangerous because you are not controlling the car with both hands or focused on what is happening around you. Texting while driving can also delay your reaction time when braking to slow for traffic or when trying to avoid danger. A delay, even of a fraction of a second, can result in the difference between life and death. RLM Law sees cases like this far too often, and many result in serious injuries, such as lacerations, broken bones, disfigurement, spinal injuries, and even loss of life. These injuries also often result in substantial medical bills, loss of income, and long-term psychological and emotional consequences.

Due to factors like these, it is important to work with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who knows the local laws and will submit the required paperwork correctly and meet the applicable deadlines. In addition, your lawyer should be able to obtain the culpable driver’s cell phone records as evidence in support of your case.

Even if you are not sure you have a case, it is a good idea to get a legal consultation to help you understand your rights and what kind of compensation you may be entitled to and for your own peace of mind. If you have been in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, RLM Law is here to help you get justice and the compensation that you are legally entitled to. Call us today for a free consultation.